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Your veterinarian will be called for a veternary reference. Please include the name your account is in if it is different from the name listed above. If you have multiple animals or mulitple vets, please include all the names of your vets and account names. If you currently do not have a veterinarian, please list the information for the veterinarian you used for the animal you most recently owned. If you never had a veterinarian, please list the information for 2 references that are unrelated to you.

*NOTE: Applications without reference information will be discarded.

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If renting please provide the following information

You must be able to show a positive stable rental history, written landlord approval and provide your plan to keep this dog for its lifetime if your rental unit becomes unavailable in the future.

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It is Maine Coonhound Rescue's complete intention to keep our adopted dogs safe from harm. Coonhounds are scent hounds and therefore are wanderers. If they get on a scent while off-leash they will be GONE. They are built for stamina and can easily run 10 miles without looking up. They will get in all kinds of trouble... chasing cats, tearing through gardens, getting lost and worse, getting hit by a car. It is rarely possible to teach a coonhound to come back when called if they are on a scent (and they will be on a scent). They can't even hear you. Adopted coonhounds must either be kept in a fenced yard or on a leash. The fenced yard should be big enough for them to run in. They will not be happy in a pen or on a run. If you don't have a fenced yard and you want to adopt a coonhound, you have to prove to Maine Coonhound Rescue, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you will always keep your adopted dog safe by complying with these recommendations. Failure to understand this is the number one reason applications are rejected.

*NOTE: Invisible fencing does NOT work for coonhounds. We do not, under any circumstances, approve applications where invisible fencing is the only means of containment.

Do You Have A Securely Fenced Yard?

. If No, Are You Willing to:

People in the Household

Number of Adults in Household: Number of Children in Household:
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. Do you have much contact with grandchildren or neighborhood/other children? Yes No

. Are any members of your household frail? Yes No

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Do any members of your household have animal related allergies? Yes No

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Dog Fitting in to the Household

Who will be primarily responsible for the care of the dog?

What are the working hours of the adults in the household?

Where will the dog be kept during the day?

Where will the dog sleep at night?

Where will the dog be kept when left alone?

The dog will be left alone
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for approximately how many hours a day?

Please tell us how you plan to exercise the dog.

Please describe the perfect dog for your home.
Taking into consideration that Coonhounds
vary greatly in temperament, personality,
and activity level, what characteristics
do you want in your dog?
Please answer with as much detail as possible.

Please tell us what characteristics are undesirable?

. Would you accept an older dog? Yes No

. Would you accept a dog that has been abused? Yes No

. Would you accept a dog that is not reliable with children? Yes No

. Would you accept a dog that has a physical handicap? Yes No

. Would you accept a dog that requires regular
medical treatment for a disorder or disease? Yes No

. Knowing some of the rescue dogs have had little or no training, are you willing to take the dog to obedience classes? Yes No

How would you handle adjustment/training problems such as:

Jumping on furniture

Jumping on People



House Soiling

For which of the following reasons would you give up your dog? (please select all that apply)
moving not housebroken
divorce gets too big
shedding not getting along with other pets
allegies behavior problems
barking increased work hours
aggressive medical problems
new baby not getting along with children
getting out of fence none
children lost interest other:

Have you ever given a pet up? Yes No

If so, please explain the circumstance:

. Are you willing to give the dog at least two (2) months to adjust to your family and environment? Yes No

. Are you willing to let a member or someone appointed by
Maine Coonhound Rescue visit your home before adoption? Yes No

. Do you prefer
Male Female No Preference

What age would you prefer?

Please include any additional comments, information, etc. below that would help us help you find that perfect member for your home and environment. Our goal is to place our wonderful hounds in "forever" homes where everyone is happy--hounds and humans.