We always need more foster homes in the New England area! Fostering is essential to Maine Coonhound Rescue's success in saving coonhounds. The more homes we have, the more dogs we can save. If you're interested in becoming a MCR foster family/foster parent, you'll provide a temporary home for a newly rescued dog or puppy until MCR finds him/her a permanent home (typically from a few weeks to a few months). MCR provides the vet care and health management while you provide the tender loving care. We carefully match up foster dogs with foster parents based on what works for your household. Some people choose to foster a puppy or two, or even a litter; others prefer a small adult dog or a large dog.


Please continue reading about the specific responsibilities of a foster family. Detailed information can be found here. Once you've made your decision to join our growing family of foster "parents", just complete the application online here or email Leslie if you'd like an application mailed or faxed to you. We'll contact you to talk about the program.

Thanks again for your interest in being a foster family!


Fostering is the first step in giving a dog or puppy a second chance. When you foster a Maine Coonhound Rescue dog, you're basically treating that dog or puppy like they're your own. As you can imagine, being kept in a shelter and then rescued can be very stressful and traumatic for many dogs. In your home they have a chance to feel safe and secure, to be loved, nurtured and get exercised and socialized. Your positive influence on this dog or puppy will prepare them for a new permanent family, which is the biggest gift of all!


Specific foster family responsibilities:
• Provide temporary shelter and care for a MCR dog or puppy (typically a few days to one month).

• Transport the dog/puppy to vet appointments as scheduled by MCR (when necessary).

• Prepare a short "report card" or profile for your foster dog or pups to help us match them up with the ideal permanent home.

• Some foster parents bring their dog/puppy to adoption events and talk to potential adopters about their foster dog. All potential adopters (even foster home family members) must go through the MCR adoption application process with an MCR representative.

• Overall, we ask our foster "parents" to be responsible dog guardians.

MCR responsibilities to the foster dogs and families:
• Number one is to find your foster dog or puppy a qualified permanent home.

• We provide the dog/puppy with the necessary medical care. As soon as they're rescued, we assess their health, and provide whatever care is needed. All MCR dogs and puppies are spayed and neutered by MCR's veterinarians.

• We provide the dog with a collar, and ID tag.

• We provide you with a crate, wire pens, and other supplies. Many of our foster homes provide food (any all natural dog food) and use the expense as a charitable donation.


It happens. You fall in love with this precious dog or puppy that you've been caring for. Don't feel bad, it happens to the best of us! As the foster family, you usually will have the first option to permanently adopt. Since you have fostered your intended dog first, you have already experienced the dog in your home environment and know what to expect. We do not encourage fostering to be seen as "a convenient trial adoption"however, since adopters are expected to be committed for life. It's important to note, that most of our foster families are primarily interested in helping us save more lives, not adopting. They love to care for many different dogs and see them move on to wonderful new homes of their own, so that MCR can then go out and save another life!